History of IDF - Highlights

Three Nights, Tel Aviv

Beach Front Dan Panorama

  • Honor the Fallen and Celebrate Israel’s Independence
  • IDF & Etzel 1948 Museums, Old Jaffa
  • Israel Airforce Flyover on the Mediterranean
  • Neve Tzedek, 1st Tel Aviv neighborhood
  • Jabotinsky Museum, his legacy
  • Sarona, German Templar neighborhood turned military headquarters
  • Haganah Museum
  • Ben Gurion’s Home, first draft of the Declaration of Independence
  • Jewish Brigade Museum
  • Aarohnson's NILI Spy Ring, Ottoman period
  • Cabri Battle to rescue Yehiam (Crusader Fortress) hold out, 1948

Three Nights, Galilee

Upper Galil,  Kfar Giladi Hotel

  • Kfar Giladi, First Defenders, Bar Giora and HaShomer outpost, Ottoman period
  • Tel Chai, 1920, legacy of famed warrior, Trumpeldor
  • Hula Lake malaria swamps turned agricultural jewel and migratory bird sanctuary
  • Naharayim Saga and Kibbutz Gesher, 1930's and '48 Arab attacks on kibbutz and Electric Power Station
  • Homa U'Migdal, strategic  overnight Stockades against Arab massacres
  • Gan HaShloshah, National Park and Spring - swimming & leisure
  • Nebi Yusha British fortress, turned Arab then defeated by Palmach - defined Israel's northern border

Three Nights, Jerusalem

Herbert Samuels Hotel, Jerusaem

City Center Herbert Samuels

  • Machal Memorial & Burma Road, Micky Marcus and WWII volunteers
  • Underground Bullet Factory, Secret heroes of 1947-48
  • Menachem Begin Institute, his legacy
  • Cable Car Museum, underground smuggling arms and meds 
  • Old Train Station and British Underground Prison, Jewish resistence fighters
  • Jeiwsh History Walking Tour of the Old City
  • Gush Etzion, heroic bloody holdouts that saved Jerusalem
  • Alone On the Walls, final battle defending the Old City, 1948
  • The Kotel, Jerusalem re-united

Echos of the Shofar

Hear from those who dared to defy the British Mandate by blowing the Shofar at the Western Wall! - Toldot Yisrael