AGAINST ALL ODDS - Israel's Fight for the Homeland

Pre Israel Defense Forces History Tour: April 16 - 25, 2018

Land Tour: April 16 - 25, 2018

Celebrate Israel's 70 Years of Indpendence, in Israel!

  • Israel Air Force Fly Over and Celebration
  • NILI Jewish Spy Ring, Ottoman Empire, WWI
  • Underground Palmach & Haganah Fighters
  • Jewish Brigades, WWII
  • Machal - International Volunteers who fought for Israel's Indpendence

Travel back in time - 1880-1948 - visiting battlegrounds and places of legendary people...

  • Jewish Reistance Under the British Mandate
  • Rise of Arab Nationalism
  • Harrowing Battles that Defined Israel's Borders
  • Final Hold Out in the Old City, Jerusalem Quarter

...who faced harrowing challenges that ultimately led to the IDF and The State of Israel!

Some of the legendary players whose stories will be told:

  • Yitzhak Ben Zvi and Rachel Yanait
  • Joseph Trumpeldor
  • Ze'ev Jabotinsky
  • Sarah and Aaron Arohnson
  • David Ben Gurion
  • Menachem Begin
  • Charles Orde Wingate
  • Eliyahu Golomb
  • Chana Senesch
  • Mickey Marcus
  • and many more...

Exclusive Tour: Up close and personal!

Ten Day Land Tour: April 16-25, 2018 - Optional extension in Jerusalem, April 26-28, 2018

LImited Reservations! For more information:

From Time Immemorial...

The Everlasting Jewish Tie to the Land of Israel.. On Israel's Independence Day, 2017, UNESCO passed a resolution demanding that Israel disavow Jerusalem as its capital. Please enjoy this video depicting the conitnued Jewish connection going back 2,000 years. Produced by The Jerusalem Center.


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